The failure happened due to

  • Feel confident that the system that has been installed can fulfill initial speed of the operation, the amount of water and pressure required, if a fire happened.
  • Feel the system, which has been installed, is in compliance with Fire protection standards and can definitely put out the fire, for any hazard.
  • The previous company that installs the system is not fire protection specialist.
  • The blackout media used is only water, while the burning material is a flammable liquid, such as solvent, thinner, etc.
  • Feel sure the equipment is easy to use; however, in reality it is difficult to use.

Examples of Case Study 1

Fire pump system does not work properly, and as a result head and flow are too little.

This is caused by:

  • A lot of trapped air particularly in the pipe suction (NPSH available is smaller than NPSH required).
  • Water velocity exceeds that are allowed.
  • Gravel enters the system due to the absence of strainer.
  • Required power for the pump of diesel or motor is less.
  • The placement of pressure switch and gauge are not in a
    Use the right equipment, lightweight and can be used by anyone, and operated his own (one person)… Without training is needed.
    proper place.
  • Etc.

Examples of Case Study 2

Flat fire hose 2 ½ “ does not work properly.

This caused by:

  • It is a requirement to have minimum of 2 person to use a flat fire hose 2 ½ “(are you sure when there is a fire there are 2 person, minimum?).
  • The nozzles that are used have no control valve, and the produced water is in a form of steam, not spray.
  • The placement of valve is not in a proper place (the distance between the outlet valve is too close to the plate; therefore, the hose had a sharp bend when being used).
  • Etc

Should be

Use ther right equipment, lightweight and can be used by anyone, and operated his own (one person) … Without training is needed

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